Friday, 19 August 2011

Top Tips For Boosting Motabolism

We have all heard how "boosting" or "maximising" our motabolism is one of the keys to weight loss but is motabolism and how can we make it help our weight loss in an easy way thats not going to cost the earth buying supplements?
OK firstly your motabolism is basically the amount of calories your body uses each day. so increasing this obviously means your using more calories and so lose weight-simple. Secondly i'm not trying to sell you miracle supplements so my advice is impartial and im an expert so listen up!!! :)

1: Drink Plenty of Water
If your body is not properly hydrated then you cant perform simple functions on a cellular level and thios reduces your metabolism. Its the easiest and most basic change you can make right now and help lose weight. Get a 2 litre bottle from the shop (50p come on we can all do this) and keep it with you all day, through work, home and before bed. Just fill it from the tap everyday and make sure its all gone before your evening meal.
NOTE: for optimum weight loss and well-being I would strongly recommend buying a PH alkaline & oxygen balancing supplement. See my PH tips article

2: Reduce Coffee & alcohol

These both de-hydrate your body and so slow down your motabolism. They also send your body into massive highs & lows which plays havoc on your energy-remember what goes up must come down! Reduce coffee and start trying Green or herbal White tea, both of which help increase motabolism.

3: Eat Vitamin & Mineral Rich Foods

A BIG mistake many people make is just counting calories to lose weight. The problem is that many low calorie foods and meals you see in supermarkets are low in nutritional value as well. Think of your car, if you were to put in the wrong fuel its not going to get you very far! Fuel your body with the vitamins & minerals it needs and you will have it working better than it ever has before! Think Green & Red Vegetables- broccoli, beetroot, celery, cabage, carrots, tomatoes and you are on the right track.

4: PH Balance

You body operates best in an alkaline environment and not this high protein high dairy high sugar acid forming environment all these terrible celeb diets we are pushed to follow. Yes they help you lose weight rapidly at first but in only a matter of weeks they slow you motabolism down and cause huge levels of acid production in your body. This extra acid does 2 things:
1- srains your liver and kidneys as they try to re-balance your PH
2- produce fat cells as a defence aid to take the acid away from organs

Both these stop fat loss and cause fat gain!!! Again think Greens & Beans- vegetables, chickpeas, black eyed beans, kidney beans etc.

5: Lift Some Weights! 
A pound of muscle burns around 6 calories per day whilst a pound of fat burns around 2 calories per day.  Therefore, by increasing your lean muscle mass you can raise your BMR.  If you perform a resistance training workout a few times per week and combine it with proper nutrition you can build additional muscle and increase the amount of calories you burn whilst resting

6: Do Some Cardio! 
Your metabolism is partially affected by your level of physical activity.  Regular cardiovascular exercise helps in two ways.  First, you burn additional calories whilst performing the cardio.  Secondly, the number of calories you burn following a cardiovascular workout remains elevated for a few hours after you finish.  By going for a walk, jog, run, bike ride, swim (or whatever other cardiovascular exercise takes your fancy) a few times a week you can burn extra calories and boost your metabolism.

7: Get Some Spice In Your Life 
Spicy foods can temporarily increase your BMR.  For starters they increase your body’s temperature for a short period after consumption meaning that you will burn more calories as your body attempts to regulate this temperature.  Secondly, spices such as cayenne are thought to have thermogenic properties meaning that they temporarily increase the rate at which your body burns fat.  Like with the other foods mentioned in this article you need to exercise moderation when it comes to spicy foods.  Getting too much can lead to unpleasant side effects such as heartburn, stomach ulcers and an irritable bowel.

Hope This Helps

Peace & Love


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