Monday, 18 February 2013

The Best Home Fat Burning Workout!

First of all you don't need a gym or loads of equipment to get in shape this spring! No Treadmills, cross trainers or Machines will be found in this workout only body weight, muscle activating, fat burning metabolic fat melters so.... Lets Go!
If you have a fit ball then use it to develop the exercises as shown in the images if not simply use a bench or solo as your prop.

Work in Circuit Form (don't rest between sets) until you reach your Power Yoga Pose at which point compose yourself, embrace the tension in your core and the release of "tight" inhibiting over active muscles as you breathe and hold the position for 30 seconds.
After you have completed the Yoga Pose your body will have a greater neural pathway to activating muscle tissue as you have literally reconfigured it, meaning circuit 2 is of even more benefit!

This workout can be done any time, anywhere by anyone. Always consult a doctor or fitness professional in person if you have any concerns regarding your ability to exercise.

The Workout: complete 20 repetitions of each exercise before assuming your Muscle Activating Power Yoga Pose!

Side Lunge
Side Plank
Plank Row (hot hands! Simple lift hands off the floor alternating throughout while maintaining perfect core in a plank position).
Mountain Climber (use fit ball or bench to rest forearms on)
Bench Dip

Yoga Pose: Split Leg Down Dog
Why? This pose helps release the tension and over active nature of the hamstring which usually inhibits the action of the glutes (bum). Hold each split for 30 seconds while keeping pressure through palms of hands.

Repeat the same circuit but after completing for a second tim include a Boat Pose
Why? Boat pose is an excellent core (tummy) activator which will help you access that extra tension in the Ab wall for your third and final circuit!

This circuit hits all the "problem" areas such a thighs, back of shoulders, tummy, bing wings and as your heart rate up and rocking your burning fat right off the body!

Keep an eye out for the perfect fat burning meal to accompany this Total Body Toner.

Good luck

Enjoy x

Let me know how you get on @stu_pilkington

Rip 8 Project Beach Body Week 2 FREE WORKOUT

Week one got you in the mood but week two is gona have you smashing through walls of fat as we step it up a gear!

The weeks Plan is as follows...

Monday: Upper Body Workout

Tuesday: Rip 8 Cardio

Wednesday: Lower Body Workout

Thursday: Rip 8 Cardio

Friday: Off

Saturday: Rip 8 Metabolic Fat Melt

So lets give you the details of today's killer upper Body Session!

We are staying in what I term MST Phase - maximal Strength Training Phase as this recruits the maximum fast twitch muscle fibre and stimulates high levels of Growth Hormone (safe levels!). We work in opposing muscle group supersets meaning we can train harder with less recovery times. So grouping Chest & Back then Triceps & Biceps and finishing with Shoulders & Abdominals. Each superset is completed 3x with I creating weight on every set!
Lets Go!

Here's Our sample for today's class in Wilmslow-8 is the magic number! All exercises are kept at 8 reps.

Incline D/B Chest Press set 1 20kg, sets 2 24kg, sets 3 28kg
Wide Chin Up

Flat D/B Chest Press set 1 20kg, 24kg, 26kg
D/B Bent Over Row 20kg, sets 2 22kg, set 3 24kg

D/B Twist fly Press 18 kg
Narrow Pull Down 60 kg

Ez bar French Press set 1 25kg, set 2 30kg, set 3 35kg
Ez bar Curl set 1 25kg, set 2 30kg, set 3 35kg

Full Dips
D/B Twist Curl set 1 12kg, set 2 14kg, set 3 14kg

D/B shoulder press 18kg
Decline bench reverse curl

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday Rip & Srip

Morning Cardio: 12 minutes now you can't complain about that!


Spin Bke intervals: 30 seconds moderate cycle, 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds max climb! Based on the new wave of HIIT training this cario depletes stored glucose and accesses fat stores!
Repeat for 12 minutes then we hit theses abs to get core fired up for the day ahead!

4x12 decline bench reverse curl
4x12 ball roll outs
4x12 ball weighted crunch

Breakfast: 3 scrambles eggs with spinach and peppers.

Lunch: salmon salad with asaparagus and lemon chilli dressing :)

Pre workout meal! 2x oat cakes with thin spread peanut butter and whey protein shake!

The Workout! Total Body Strength

We lift and we lift BIG!

Keep form and technique bang on, always mirror check your pelvis and check abdominals drawn in.

Supersets! Perform each exercise pair without rest! After completing the second exercise rest for 30 seconds only!
Why? Lifting heavy and using compound, multidirectional movements stimulates fast twitch muscle fibre and spikes Growth hormone this essential to reduce fat store and build a frame of iron!

Our Sample Session
4 sets
Clean & Press 40kg 8 reps
Wide Chin up/Body Row 8 reps

Squat 120kg 8 reps
Walking Lunge 14kg D/B 8 reps

Kettle Swing 12kg 8 reps
Press up Twist 16 reps

Deadlift 80kg 8 reps
Wide Grip Chin up 8 reps

Rip & Strip

January has come and gone, you have had time to have a play in your new gym and try a few classes but now its time to get switched on and down to the real business! This week I have decided to let some of my Rip & Strip 8 week body transformation secrets out for free! This 8 week blog will chat the progress and success of some of my new clients who have made the commitment to totally transform their body in 2013. With sample diet plans, recipies and workout routines you can join me and the team as we rip up the body so good you can confidently strip this Easter on the beach!

To purchase the full nutrional and exercise plan simply email me at or and il give you details of the PayPal account and send the PDF ebook version and you can join us!
Cost £20

So lets go!

First of all you don't need a gym membership but you do need some basic equipment as listed below:

Equipment Check in

Stretch/Resistance band
Stability Ball
D/B (ideally a selection or adjustable set)
Gym Mat

Comfortable and appropriate foot ware & clothing



Get Checked out
If you have any concerns or have been told in the past that you have a heart problem or a history of heart disease in the family then get checked out by your GP first.

Warm up
Before doing any of the routines make sure you water up your tissue by increasing body temperature and joint flexibility.

Listen To Your Body
If you feel pain during any of the routines then slow down, have a walk and discontinue the session.

Make A Record!
This is one of the most important tips! Record every weight you lift and every reception you make as this acts as your very own personal trainer! Beat your records every time!

Drink Up
Keep a bottle of water handy and drink regularly throughout.

Measure Up!

Waist (around belly button):
Hips (around bum)
Thigh (largest part)
Arm (largest part):
Chest (around nipple):

Take a body picture front on and from side view!

Week 1

The first week of training is all about intensity and body shocks! Each day we will access your fat stores but recruiting the maximum amount of muscle tissue and forcing your body to crave energy as we blitz it! There are 2 cardio workouts, 3 metabolic workouts and 1 strength workout that maximises muscle tone and flexibility.


Sample Diet

Upon Waking: Hot Water with fresh lemon & Ginger- WHY? Fresh lemon is a naturally alkalising fruit that helps balance your blood pH levels and stimulates digestion as soon as you wake up. Ginger adds a much needed morning kick of energy!

Workout: for the Rip & Strip Xtreme clients I have a morning cardio session! If you feel up to training 2x on day 1 then let's go!
Sample Workout
Treadmill in k/h
1 minute speed 8.0 (moderate intensity jog)
1 minute speed 12.0 (high intensity run)
1 minute speed 15.5 (maximal intensity sprint)
1 minute speed 4.0(recovery walk)

Jump off and perform 50 press ups

Then go again! Repeat this cardio workout for 20minutes! #rip!

Recovery Protein: 30g Casien Protein Shake. See


50g oats with coconut milk, 5 crushed almonds, cinnamon, 50ml water- cook as porridge.
Why? Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings throughout the day!

Lunch: grilled Tuna Steaknwith spinach & asparagus.
Have with a green tea.

Why? Oily fish such as tuna steak is high in omega oils that help regulate hormone levels and promote Mucle growth.

Snack: handful of almonds

Evening Workout: Metabolic Circuit

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Muscle Protein Pancakes

High-Protein Pancakes Recipe
(Feeds 2 Beasts)


5 egg whites + 1 whole egg
1 cup of almond/coconut milk
1 cup of uncooked oatmeal/oats
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
3 scoops of protein powder (whey, casein, or a 1:1 ratio of both)
Extras (optional):

2 teaspoons of peanut (or almond) butter
Dried/fresh-fruit topping (raisins, craisins, blueberries, etc.)
Lemon Juice


Begin by adding 5 egg whites (separating the egg whites from the yolk) and 1 whole egg to your blender.
Next, add the milk, and start blending.
While blending, add the cinnamon. (If you wish to add peanut or almond butter, do so during this step).
Add the uncooked oatmeal and turn the dial up to medium-high on the blender.
Lastly, add your protein.
At this point, your batch should look like a standard batch of pancake batter


Set your stove to medium-low.
Pre-heat a small/medium frying pan for 1-2 minutes.
Spray down with some non-stick cooking spray (i.e. Pam)
Depending on the size of pancakes you wish to make, pour out approximately 1/3 – 1/2 cup of the mix into the frying pan.
Allow the pancake to sit for 1-1.5 minutes before flipping.
Let the other side cook for 1.5 to 2 minutes before removing from frying pan.
Repeat steps 1-6 until batch is finished.
Hve these beauties before or after a big muscle session today!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Morning Cardio

In & out of the Gym in 30 minutes you can't argue with that! Here we go!

Warm up: body weight circuit to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping!
20 reps of each- squat, press up (3/4 ok), roman twist, kettle swing

Now your ready lets sweat!

Spin Bike: 30-20-10 for 5 minutes
30 second moderate intensity
20 second max sprint
10 second max climb
Repeat 5x

Treadmill: 9 minutes
1 minute low intensity walk/jog (speed 9.0 for me)
1 minute tempo fast run (speed 14.0)
1 minute increase incline to 5.0
Repeat 3x

Total Body exercise 5 sets with 30 second rest intervals.
Clean & Press x 20 reps
(I will be using a 25 kg bar)

5 minutes remaining make it count...

5 minutes stair master/treadmill incline run!
I'm going for incline 4.0 speed 10.0

Then stretch hip flexor and chest!

Water, Vitamins and shower!


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Morning Cardio-Diary of A Personal Trainer

Morning cardio on an empty stomach to help access fats! #sixpack!

My personal High Intensity Training 20 minutes

Warm up: 5 minute treadmill speed 12.0 incline 2.0

Bike Intervals- spin bike
30 seconds moderate sprint
20 seconds high level sprint (push the resistance)
10 second MAX climb
Repeat 5x

1 minute walking to recover.

Core Activation: 5 sets
Ball Jack Knife x 20
Roman Twist x 20

Power Fat Burning Circuit
20 reps each without rest-get heart rate pumping!

Box Jump
Box Power press up (throw yourself over the box as you press)
Dynamic Lunge Jump
Ice skaters

Recover 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times!

Treadmill Intervals-hills
Speed 12.0 throughout
2 minutes incline 4.0
1 minute incline 8.0
Repeat 3x

5x 100m rower sprints with 10 seconds recovery between intervals.

Cool down & stretch
Hip flexor

And Organize food...

Saturday is my meal off so their ugh the day I keep it low calorie and high in nutrients.

I skip breakfast and do the above cardio, have a whey protein isolate shake (my fitness low calorie one of course) then delay food for 30 minutes after a get home.
So if i finish training at 10 il be eating around 10.45/11. Il have 4 scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

Lunch: salmon & couscous

150g couscous-flavored with fresh chillies, cucumber, onion & garlic.
20g salmon fillet-grilled & then drizzled in lemon juice & seasoning.
2 handfuls baby spinach, asparagus and a little Udos or olive oil to dress this little salad.

Stack it up- couscous-spinach-salmon and get stuck in!

Mid afternoon: herbal Tea (il go For green tea or appetite suppressing My Fitness Tea (bags of 10 for £3).

Dinner: meal off! Usually it's gina be a hot as hell curry as I watch X-factor with my little girl :)

No evening snack just pH controlled water unless I'm off for a few red wines in town!!!!

Get in the gym now and do the morning workout! Il be back later with a YouTube link to the chest and shoulders pre-night out workout!

Enjoy x