Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Rip & Strip

January has come and gone, you have had time to have a play in your new gym and try a few classes but now its time to get switched on and down to the real business! This week I have decided to let some of my Rip & Strip 8 week body transformation secrets out for free! This 8 week blog will chat the progress and success of some of my new clients who have made the commitment to totally transform their body in 2013. With sample diet plans, recipies and workout routines you can join me and the team as we rip up the body so good you can confidently strip this Easter on the beach!

To purchase the full nutrional and exercise plan simply email me at or and il give you details of the PayPal account and send the PDF ebook version and you can join us!
Cost £20

So lets go!

First of all you don't need a gym membership but you do need some basic equipment as listed below:

Equipment Check in

Stretch/Resistance band
Stability Ball
D/B (ideally a selection or adjustable set)
Gym Mat

Comfortable and appropriate foot ware & clothing



Get Checked out
If you have any concerns or have been told in the past that you have a heart problem or a history of heart disease in the family then get checked out by your GP first.

Warm up
Before doing any of the routines make sure you water up your tissue by increasing body temperature and joint flexibility.

Listen To Your Body
If you feel pain during any of the routines then slow down, have a walk and discontinue the session.

Make A Record!
This is one of the most important tips! Record every weight you lift and every reception you make as this acts as your very own personal trainer! Beat your records every time!

Drink Up
Keep a bottle of water handy and drink regularly throughout.

Measure Up!

Waist (around belly button):
Hips (around bum)
Thigh (largest part)
Arm (largest part):
Chest (around nipple):

Take a body picture front on and from side view!

Week 1

The first week of training is all about intensity and body shocks! Each day we will access your fat stores but recruiting the maximum amount of muscle tissue and forcing your body to crave energy as we blitz it! There are 2 cardio workouts, 3 metabolic workouts and 1 strength workout that maximises muscle tone and flexibility.


Sample Diet

Upon Waking: Hot Water with fresh lemon & Ginger- WHY? Fresh lemon is a naturally alkalising fruit that helps balance your blood pH levels and stimulates digestion as soon as you wake up. Ginger adds a much needed morning kick of energy!

Workout: for the Rip & Strip Xtreme clients I have a morning cardio session! If you feel up to training 2x on day 1 then let's go!
Sample Workout
Treadmill in k/h
1 minute speed 8.0 (moderate intensity jog)
1 minute speed 12.0 (high intensity run)
1 minute speed 15.5 (maximal intensity sprint)
1 minute speed 4.0(recovery walk)

Jump off and perform 50 press ups

Then go again! Repeat this cardio workout for 20minutes! #rip!

Recovery Protein: 30g Casien Protein Shake. See


50g oats with coconut milk, 5 crushed almonds, cinnamon, 50ml water- cook as porridge.
Why? Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and reduce cravings throughout the day!

Lunch: grilled Tuna Steaknwith spinach & asparagus.
Have with a green tea.

Why? Oily fish such as tuna steak is high in omega oils that help regulate hormone levels and promote Mucle growth.

Snack: handful of almonds

Evening Workout: Metabolic Circuit

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