Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday Rip & Srip

Morning Cardio: 12 minutes now you can't complain about that!


Spin Bke intervals: 30 seconds moderate cycle, 20 seconds sprint, 10 seconds max climb! Based on the new wave of HIIT training this cario depletes stored glucose and accesses fat stores!
Repeat for 12 minutes then we hit theses abs to get core fired up for the day ahead!

4x12 decline bench reverse curl
4x12 ball roll outs
4x12 ball weighted crunch

Breakfast: 3 scrambles eggs with spinach and peppers.

Lunch: salmon salad with asaparagus and lemon chilli dressing :)

Pre workout meal! 2x oat cakes with thin spread peanut butter and whey protein shake!

The Workout! Total Body Strength

We lift and we lift BIG!

Keep form and technique bang on, always mirror check your pelvis and check abdominals drawn in.

Supersets! Perform each exercise pair without rest! After completing the second exercise rest for 30 seconds only!
Why? Lifting heavy and using compound, multidirectional movements stimulates fast twitch muscle fibre and spikes Growth hormone this essential to reduce fat store and build a frame of iron!

Our Sample Session
4 sets
Clean & Press 40kg 8 reps
Wide Chin up/Body Row 8 reps

Squat 120kg 8 reps
Walking Lunge 14kg D/B 8 reps

Kettle Swing 12kg 8 reps
Press up Twist 16 reps

Deadlift 80kg 8 reps
Wide Grip Chin up 8 reps

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