Monday, 18 February 2013

Rip 8 Project Beach Body Week 2 FREE WORKOUT

Week one got you in the mood but week two is gona have you smashing through walls of fat as we step it up a gear!

The weeks Plan is as follows...

Monday: Upper Body Workout

Tuesday: Rip 8 Cardio

Wednesday: Lower Body Workout

Thursday: Rip 8 Cardio

Friday: Off

Saturday: Rip 8 Metabolic Fat Melt

So lets give you the details of today's killer upper Body Session!

We are staying in what I term MST Phase - maximal Strength Training Phase as this recruits the maximum fast twitch muscle fibre and stimulates high levels of Growth Hormone (safe levels!). We work in opposing muscle group supersets meaning we can train harder with less recovery times. So grouping Chest & Back then Triceps & Biceps and finishing with Shoulders & Abdominals. Each superset is completed 3x with I creating weight on every set!
Lets Go!

Here's Our sample for today's class in Wilmslow-8 is the magic number! All exercises are kept at 8 reps.

Incline D/B Chest Press set 1 20kg, sets 2 24kg, sets 3 28kg
Wide Chin Up

Flat D/B Chest Press set 1 20kg, 24kg, 26kg
D/B Bent Over Row 20kg, sets 2 22kg, set 3 24kg

D/B Twist fly Press 18 kg
Narrow Pull Down 60 kg

Ez bar French Press set 1 25kg, set 2 30kg, set 3 35kg
Ez bar Curl set 1 25kg, set 2 30kg, set 3 35kg

Full Dips
D/B Twist Curl set 1 12kg, set 2 14kg, set 3 14kg

D/B shoulder press 18kg
Decline bench reverse curl

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