Monday, 18 February 2013

The Best Home Fat Burning Workout!

First of all you don't need a gym or loads of equipment to get in shape this spring! No Treadmills, cross trainers or Machines will be found in this workout only body weight, muscle activating, fat burning metabolic fat melters so.... Lets Go!
If you have a fit ball then use it to develop the exercises as shown in the images if not simply use a bench or solo as your prop.

Work in Circuit Form (don't rest between sets) until you reach your Power Yoga Pose at which point compose yourself, embrace the tension in your core and the release of "tight" inhibiting over active muscles as you breathe and hold the position for 30 seconds.
After you have completed the Yoga Pose your body will have a greater neural pathway to activating muscle tissue as you have literally reconfigured it, meaning circuit 2 is of even more benefit!

This workout can be done any time, anywhere by anyone. Always consult a doctor or fitness professional in person if you have any concerns regarding your ability to exercise.

The Workout: complete 20 repetitions of each exercise before assuming your Muscle Activating Power Yoga Pose!

Side Lunge
Side Plank
Plank Row (hot hands! Simple lift hands off the floor alternating throughout while maintaining perfect core in a plank position).
Mountain Climber (use fit ball or bench to rest forearms on)
Bench Dip

Yoga Pose: Split Leg Down Dog
Why? This pose helps release the tension and over active nature of the hamstring which usually inhibits the action of the glutes (bum). Hold each split for 30 seconds while keeping pressure through palms of hands.

Repeat the same circuit but after completing for a second tim include a Boat Pose
Why? Boat pose is an excellent core (tummy) activator which will help you access that extra tension in the Ab wall for your third and final circuit!

This circuit hits all the "problem" areas such a thighs, back of shoulders, tummy, bing wings and as your heart rate up and rocking your burning fat right off the body!

Keep an eye out for the perfect fat burning meal to accompany this Total Body Toner.

Good luck

Enjoy x

Let me know how you get on @stu_pilkington


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