Saturday, 17 November 2012

Morning Cardio-Diary of A Personal Trainer

Morning cardio on an empty stomach to help access fats! #sixpack!

My personal High Intensity Training 20 minutes

Warm up: 5 minute treadmill speed 12.0 incline 2.0

Bike Intervals- spin bike
30 seconds moderate sprint
20 seconds high level sprint (push the resistance)
10 second MAX climb
Repeat 5x

1 minute walking to recover.

Core Activation: 5 sets
Ball Jack Knife x 20
Roman Twist x 20

Power Fat Burning Circuit
20 reps each without rest-get heart rate pumping!

Box Jump
Box Power press up (throw yourself over the box as you press)
Dynamic Lunge Jump
Ice skaters

Recover 60 seconds then repeat 2 more times!

Treadmill Intervals-hills
Speed 12.0 throughout
2 minutes incline 4.0
1 minute incline 8.0
Repeat 3x

5x 100m rower sprints with 10 seconds recovery between intervals.

Cool down & stretch
Hip flexor

And Organize food...

Saturday is my meal off so their ugh the day I keep it low calorie and high in nutrients.

I skip breakfast and do the above cardio, have a whey protein isolate shake (my fitness low calorie one of course) then delay food for 30 minutes after a get home.
So if i finish training at 10 il be eating around 10.45/11. Il have 4 scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes.

Lunch: salmon & couscous

150g couscous-flavored with fresh chillies, cucumber, onion & garlic.
20g salmon fillet-grilled & then drizzled in lemon juice & seasoning.
2 handfuls baby spinach, asparagus and a little Udos or olive oil to dress this little salad.

Stack it up- couscous-spinach-salmon and get stuck in!

Mid afternoon: herbal Tea (il go For green tea or appetite suppressing My Fitness Tea (bags of 10 for £3).

Dinner: meal off! Usually it's gina be a hot as hell curry as I watch X-factor with my little girl :)

No evening snack just pH controlled water unless I'm off for a few red wines in town!!!!

Get in the gym now and do the morning workout! Il be back later with a YouTube link to the chest and shoulders pre-night out workout!

Enjoy x

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