Sunday, 18 November 2012

Morning Cardio

In & out of the Gym in 30 minutes you can't argue with that! Here we go!

Warm up: body weight circuit to get the blood flowing and the heart pumping!
20 reps of each- squat, press up (3/4 ok), roman twist, kettle swing

Now your ready lets sweat!

Spin Bike: 30-20-10 for 5 minutes
30 second moderate intensity
20 second max sprint
10 second max climb
Repeat 5x

Treadmill: 9 minutes
1 minute low intensity walk/jog (speed 9.0 for me)
1 minute tempo fast run (speed 14.0)
1 minute increase incline to 5.0
Repeat 3x

Total Body exercise 5 sets with 30 second rest intervals.
Clean & Press x 20 reps
(I will be using a 25 kg bar)

5 minutes remaining make it count...

5 minutes stair master/treadmill incline run!
I'm going for incline 4.0 speed 10.0

Then stretch hip flexor and chest!

Water, Vitamins and shower!


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