Thursday, 27 October 2011

Whats your poison?

The weekend is fast approaching again and all the usual questions are being thrown at me. "whats the best alcohol to drink while I'm trying to lose weight?", "is wine good for me?" and so on!  
Well, the fact is that anY type of alcohol in large quantities will slow your motabolism, dehydrate you and pile on the pounds but if you are planning a night out this wknd then here's a guide to the calorie content of a shot, glass or pint of your fav brew!

Malibu Rum 47
Captain Morgan 50
Captain Morgan & Coke 102
Dry Gin 56
Gin &Tonic 56
Jack Daniels 57
Jack Daniels &Coke 110
Jagermeister 90
Sambuca 101
Vodka Red Bull 115
Dom Perignon 135
Sauvignon Blanc 170
Merlot 182
Chardonnay 192
Guinness 214
Becks 230
Strongbow 238
Budweiser 242
Bulmers 244
Stella 256

Now to answer the big question! Per calories which drink gets you in that giddy mood fastest? 

Answer: jack Daniels neat!  But the old fav Gin & Tonic is the best choice for a mixer.

Is Alcohol Ever Beneficial?
Alcohol inhibits the amount of fatty acids in your blood so you burn LESS calories . So it's going to increase the chance of gaining fat! Training the day after a heavy session works for some and can make you feel a little bit more energized to deal with that sore head . However, bear in mind your sugar levels and hydration are likely to be much lower so be careful not to over train and make yourself feel worse.

Have fun this wind and try not drink too much!
No amount of exercise can erase a bad diet!

Peace & Love


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