Friday, 30 December 2011

PHfitness Are Back!!!!!!

So another New Years Eve is upon us and the over indulgence of christmas is rooting you to that sofa so what are you going to do? Let me guess, on jan 2nd you will go sign up to a new gym membership, start a new "healthy" diet you read in a glossy magazine that has a new radical weightless smoothie that only require you to drink basically your own urine-BUT you will lose 10lbs in a day! Yes the New Years resolutions for many are that predictable and while your detox diet may not require you actually drinking piss they will probably be just as much fun!

Well stop! Don't join a gym expecting that to be enough to strip off that turkey & pudding belly because it won't!! What we all need to do is get a SMART plan. Now I've explained SMART goals before and their importance in achieving your goals and this new plan will follow the same principles.

1 Specific: set a the first goal you want to achieve I.e lose 4lbs or reduce waist by 2inch
2 measurable: decide how you will track this goal-weekly weigh in or waist circumference measurements
3 Accurate: don't guess or estimate, set a goal and be very precise on how to achieve this
4 Realistic: dont set something you can't possibly achieve. Many of us get carried away with the "ideal" image that the media would like us to follow. It's completely unrealistic and unhealthy to chase such a goal. Set a goal that's right for you!
5 Timed: to make sure that your exercise and eating routine are working you need to limit yourself to a time frame-this will add extra motivation as well which is always needed to keep you on track

OK so here's mine as an example, remember your goals are specific to you and should reflect what you want to achieve.
1: increase chest size by 2 inch
2: current chest size is 38.3
3: I have purchased a pad to record all my results and make sure there's not need to guess and lie to myself its going right!
4: I can dedicate 4 resistencia session a week to make this realistic
5: I will re-measure my chest on Jan 14 and record my results

OK lets give you some tips for a NewYou this Jan:
Weightless tip: switch lunch to soup. Home made soups are cost effective, packed with nutrients and help reduce appetite and so reduce the calories you consume each day.
Extra Tip: keep it PH balanced and reduce the acid forming foods.

PHfitness Fruit Liver Cleanser Smoothie

1 banana
1 kiwi
Half glass fresh cranberry juice/fresh cranberries even better
2caps milk thistle
2caps dandelion root
1 spoon flaxseed oil
1cap fit C
Add 1/4-1/2 glass of room temp water

PHfitness Recipe: butternut squash soup

Cut squash in half and lightly oil with extra virgin olive oil, roast on oven skin side up over chopped onion and garlic or 30mins. After cooking scoop out the soft squash and blend down with the onion and garlic adding half a cup of stock or boiling water. Serve with 1 slice spelt bread.

Muscle Building Dinner
Grilled Salmon fillet with avocado salad (half avocado, handful broccoli, handful spinach all chopped and flavoured with olive oil, fresh chilli and low cal vinegar dressing)

Weight loss Green Stir Fry

Spring oriental bean sprouts, broccoli, kale, spinach, tofu, fresh chilli and garlic fry off in a little olive oil and low salt soy

Next week we are back in the gym and the outdoor camps have relaunched. We now meet in Manchester every Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30 & Saturdays at 10am ( waterproofs provided by us so no excuse!!!)
Wilmslow we start from Jan 14.
I will post details of all the new classes on Monday Jan 2nd and the new locations available for 1-2-1 and group Personal Fitness. Areas covered include City centre, Salford Quays, Cheadle, Wilmslow, lymn, Chester, Liverpool Docks.

Personal Training and the Gatley class (wed 8pm) all begin from Monday and now we are looking to take on more sessions with new head fitness coach Dale Howard and semi-pro triathlete Laura available for home and studio sessions. We also now offer a range of new treatments:
Sports injury program including physiotherapists, c-sacral therapists
Nervous System Therapies (this is exclusive and brand new to the UK! It involves using the latest technology to directly alter faulty nervous system patterns and therefore instantly stop pain, fire muscle fibres, increase digestion function-it really is amazing!)
Home Visit Beautician with 12 years experience

And the really big news is that we have now taken over the Fitness and Wellbeing directives of a Spa in the Algarve! We have already began to take bookings for the march retreat week but as this will be a media frenzy as we launch we do warn clients in this first week may feature in media while training (this is only for launch week and all other retreats will be completely private on the 50 acre estate. A price list and features of the all inclusive spa weeks will follow early in 2012!

We want as many people as possible to join us in feb for the army assault course day out, may for Manchester 10k and July for our summer fitness fundraisers.

finally I would like to thank you all for following myself and the team and participating in training sessions, classes, or our online training videos. It's been a pleasure working with you all in 2011 (well not all of you il be honest some have been a in the arse and caused me endless re-writes of files and goals!!!! Ha ha) and I hope to see you all as we begin 2012- enjoy new year and wake up Jan 1st ready to make this the year you achieve all your goals.

Look out for Mondays email and links to introduce our new trainers with some online videos.

Email and txt to book in for jan!!!


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