Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Are You Always Tired?

It's no surprise to hear that most of our clients come to get help in losing weight and looking better but nearly all describe some form of fatigue. For some it's general tiredness after work but for others feeling low on energy even spills into the wknd despite a long sleep Friday night.
The reason is hormonal imbalance and probably an overly acidic body or an overgrowth of microforms. Microforms ferment sugar in our bodies that we should've be using for energy (basically burning off). As well as storing the sugar they also themselves increase acid production as a waste product. Remember a very acidic blood level is a key factor on fat gain. The acid and microforms are basically reducing the energy on offer from the food you eat so it's like you filling up your car tank with fuel but someones smashed a great big how in the bottom so it's leaking out. No matter how must you try stimulate your body with sugars, carbohydrate, starches you just won't get an energy kick.
A hormonal imbalance of your adrenaline or stress hormone cortisol also play a huge part. Naturally most role think ' il have a coffee and I'll wake up' when intact that's just about the worst thing you can do. Coffee will increase adrenaline levels over a short period of time but then plummet even lower than before. Add to this the caffeine increase cortisol hormone (also responsible for putting fat on your stomach ) and a huge increase in the acid production. Your liver, kidneys and glands are far too busy dealing with alkalising your body to perform their function of metabolising fat/sugar to use this as energy. So your not getting the energy and your storing the sugar/carbs as fat! The toxins produced in an acidic body reduce the absorption of protein (so you won't tone or build muscle), minerals, and other nutrients which I turn weaken your bodies ability to produce the hormones and enzymes necessary to fiction correctly.
The result is fatigue or yo-yo energy.
Microforms (yeast, fungus, moulds) also deplete your vit b, iron and magnesium all of which are linked to a feeling of energy and Wellbeing.

Then just to really hammer home the problems with acid and microforms/myotoxins they also can reduce your adaptability to exercise and therefore reduce the speed of your results! They do this because they reduce the nerve impulses that enable transition of information from your brain to a working muscle. Having such a negative impact of your myelin sheath (basically skin that surrounds nerves) will mean all the muscle activation exercises I rant on about have reduced effect. So if you know your ass isn't working during runs, squats or your triceps are always working on cheat exercises instead of your chest your making it worse by eating the wrong foods!
Microforms or mycotoxins directly reduce neural communication by breaking down neurotransmitters. We need to change from the inside to help change the outside.

So if you think fatigue is something that effects you or even a lack of good sleep has been a problem then it's time we look at dropping some foods out of your diet!

Bin This...
Red meat
Animal fats

Eat This...
Green Vegetables
Fresh water oily fish salmon, mackerel

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