Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lose Weight For Summer

It's almost time to dig out those swim shorts and buy that new bikini and that means its time to get in shape. Whatever your goals following these strategies will help you achieve them:

1 weigh yourself every week-get the fear factor into your training to keep you motivated

2 protein breakfast- studies show people who include some form of protein first thing in the morning are 24% less likely to crave sugar mid morning

3 snack on almonds- one of the most nutrient-dense foods packed with protein, fibre and healthy fats

4 guzzle water- we hear it all the time and yet it's the first thing clients forget. Being even 5% dehydrated has a negative effect on the calories your burning and can increase your craving for snacks

5 move more- everyone of us, office workers, house wife's, teachers can add more activity into our day. Walking during a lunch break instead of sitting in the staff room bitching about the boss not only increases your calorie burn but also improves your mental state. Positive-energy attacks positive results

6 seize the day- start now! Not tomorrow not monday but right now. If your planning a bacon barn for lunch pea fast food meal deal make other plans. Does it really taste as good and the feeling you will get this summer when you can stroll down to the beach confident and happy with your fitness achievements

7 go green- aim for at least 3 portions of greens a day. This can be a handful of salad at lunch and a little broccoli and asparagus with your dinner. Easy. Greens are your best friend in losing weight. Broccoli is loaded with calcium that helps "drag" fat into your poo! Sound mingling but it means there is less in your body so happy days

8 go public- tell your friends and family that your serious about losing weight or toning up and that you don't want being lead into temptation! People naturally think they are being nice by pushing an extra few glasses of wine or dropping a little chocolate bar on your desk but in truth they are keeping you from archiving the body and confidence you really want

9 go buy a new cozy - go shopping and buy something really nice that doesn't quite fit. Keep it hung up in your bed room or even better in the kitchen and use that as your focus. In 4 weeks you can drop 7-10 lbs, a dress size or reveal abs if you stay focused and work hard

10 join a class or recruit a buddy- training in social settings are more likely to keep you motivated. Help each other stay on course for summer but remember to focus on what you CAN achieve and what you ARE doing and not in what you can't. Positive energy attacks positive results


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