Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A New Dawn


For almost a decade now we have been living by the high-protein, high meat, low-cab diets. It's so engrained in our thinking that it's almost a western mantra which along with our alcohol & stress obsession beats the rhythm to which we all move. We've had the Atkins, South Beach & more recently the Dukan diet tell us that breakfasts of eggs, meat, butter, processed meat & cheese are all the best way to start your day. Yet common sense alone and an innate ability of the human mind tells us this can't be good, can it?
Yes people lose weight on such diets, and to be fair they lose a good amount of weight in a fairly short period of time. However, as with many of our western solutions to a problem it's short term and can have disastrous life long effects.
Don't get me wrong I myself a Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach of 10 years was for time taken into experiment with the high meat methodology. The truth... I never felt worse. I was always tired, irritable & short with the people around me, I didn't sleep well, didn't go to the toilet regularly & always felt bloated or pot bellied. So, I went to find the truth behind what was happening to my body. Yes I looked to have more muscle but did I have to sacrifice so much for looking good? My answers came from studying natural health & Wellbeing.

I found that the diet I had been following took a very singular narrow minded view of Weightloss. I wasn't nourishing my body & the most startling discovery was that I had just been causing some long term damage to my health.
The enemy is acidity not carbs & not fats. Our bodies can be engulfed in a very acidic state which is caused by the food we eat, the stress our lives contain evoking emotions such as anger & anxiety.
To rid our bodies of this acidic state our kidneys, lungs & liver become over worked depleting them of vital minerals such as magnesium. This constant over working eventually shuts down the bodies ability to "burn off" or metabolise fats & so we store it! Hence why within a matter of days after stopping a high meat protein diet you pile on the flab.

The cure is simple. Feed your body to help it cope with this acid influx and you will instantly see & FEEL the benefits. My tip isn't rocket science & it's not something I am promoting to make money but it's something you should keep in mind every time you choose a meal...Green is Good! Don't make radical changes, start simple and then build as you experience the fantastic results.
Yes you will lose weight, Yes you will tone up if following an exercise program but unlike a diet plan you will sleep better, be more focused & be energised.

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