Wednesday, 27 July 2011


So, recently we have been consulting with new clients who have had Personal Training Sessions in the last 6 months. Many seem to think they have had a Bio-Mechanical or kinetic Chain assessment. This is a physical assessment in which the trainer/therapist studies how a clients body moves & functions under stress from a weight or gravity. Then the trainer writes a strategy to help reduce or eliminate and faulty movement patterns and therefore help client perform exercise better. This is used to help a client activate more muscle so basically they tone faster and burn more calories. However…(ok this is my rant time!!) We have noticed that in our main client base area of Wilmslow/Alderly Edge/Hale/Knutsford Cheshire & Manchester City Centre there seem to be a few Charlatans! None of the clients we have had book in recently have been assessed, had corrective exercise or monitored for movement pattern changes correctly at all. In fact from what iv been told and checked up on it seems there Personal Trainers have just read about these assessments on the net or copied them from other Qualified Professionals to make them seem more knowledgeable to their clients!!!! Its wrong, its unethical & worse its dangerous!!
DEMAND MORE FROM YOUR FITNESS PROFESSIONALS!!!!! Ask them more questions, test their knowledge & their desire to learn more and help you more! Your paying for a premium so DEMAND a premier service!
No trainer knows everything all the time and if they do then their a machine genius of knowledge or making half of it up. Saying that if your paying for a Professional then they should be at the cutting edge of Health, Well-being & Fitness. They should be going on new courses every few months to continue their development & better help you as a paying client!
Personal Training in particular annoys me & gives the True Dedicated Fitness Professionals a bad name. Sitting people on Bikes who work all day at a desk or having women who want to tone their bums run endlessly on a Treadmill are classic examples of lazy, stagnant stupid trainers! I want to take this opportunity to distance myself and my team from the other so called “cutting edge”(makes me laugh that line ‘we are at the forefront of fitness’ or ‘we have always been at the cutting edge’ total garbage!!!) Personal Training Companies. I would love to name and same and maybe one of these blogs I will go on too much of a rant and do just that but Karma is a wonderful thing and those eliciting negative energy as Charlatans will be exposed. Until then be careful and DEMAND MORE!!

The Health & Well-being Revolution is on its way and there are some fantastic Trainers & Therapist I have met on my studies all over the U.K Just make sure you get the advice & guidance you deserve.

Peace Be With You

Stuart Pilkington

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