Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Time To Make A Change

So this is our brand new health & well-being blog. With so much to tell you all and so many people we want to help where could we possibly start?
Well let’s start with a little intro to our company mission statement: To revolutionize the way people approach Health & Well-being & to raise the bar of fitness professionals.
Balance is the Key
Low energy, physical & mental fatigue, poor digestion, excess weight/fat, skin complaints, aches & pains as well as injuries can all be linked to some form of imbalance. That can be an imbalance in diet, in stress, or muscle imbalances around a joint. This blog will guide your through the journey of body balance inside & out. So lets start…

There’s more than one ACID that’s bad for you!

For years now we have been given high protein, low carb diets from our so called “fitness professionals” or “personal trainers”! Wave after wave of fad diet from atkins, south beach and more recently the Dukan diet. Now really guys did you honestly think fried breakfasts, butter, cheese, sausages and red meats were good for you??? Yes you lost weight at the start, yes they did drop a dress size or collar size for that holiday but did it stay off & do you feel healthy, energetic & cleansed? NOT A CHANCE! High protein diets can lead to fast weight loss but also cause high levels of anxiety, sleep problems, fatigue and as a result a lot of moody stressed out people whos breath stinks like a bears behind.
The problem with these diets is that they cause the formation of far too much acid in our bodies. As we are naturally alkaline our kidneys, liver & lungs have to work over time and use their own stores of vital minerals and nutrients to eliminate the acidic state. Eating these foods can be very hard on our digestive system & slow the speed at which we process food. This can then lead to more fat stores in our body and really guys, that’s what we are most concerned with! So it’s the balance Revolution! Eating more alkaline foods more greens, certain fruit like lime, lemon or grapefruit can all help. We will post full menu’s over the next few weeks so keep logging on!!!

For now go back to your fitness professional and tell them to stop being lazy and following fads and get on a more comprehensive nutrition course!!! Or better still email us and we will get you booked in for a Well-being & Vitality Consultation.

Peace Be With You

Stuart Pilkington

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