Tuesday, 23 August 2011

10 minute Workout Day 2 Shake Rattle & Roll

Dont bother going to the gym and spending half your time in a queue for the equipment. Its time consuming and your just constantly cooling down. Get hold of a gym ball and go find some space of your own, set the 10 minute timer and get going with day2 workout. Even better buy a gym ball and get it done at home! This program is designed to challenge your bodies ability to stabilize in a range of planes and movements. Its going to help you recruit more muscle and so burn more cals and tone faster! Perfect! READY? 10 mins, here we go.

Equipment: Gym Ball & Gym Mat

How To Do It
Its the same as day 1-circuit the program completing 10-20 reps of each exercise while moving from exercise to exercise with NO rest! If your new to training then give yourself a 30 second rest in between each loop circuit and remember always warm up and cool down properly!

Ball Bridge

Ball Lunge with Rotation (hold the gym ball instead of the D/B weight)

Ball Press up

Ball Jack knife (roll ball in towards chest and back out)

Ball Squat with Rotation

Ball Plank (hold for 20 seconds no reps just hold)

Thats loop 1 done. Now if your new to exercise have an active 30 second rest (walk around dont sit sit). If you feel you can, then dont rest just keep going for the 10 mins and sweat it out!!!

Let me know how you have done!!

Peace & Love


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