Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dairy Of A Personal Trainer

Heres my food diary for today. Its PH balanced, its loaded with energy and tastes great. Eating healthy and keeping the weight off doesnt have to be so hard

Upon Waking: Hot water with a slice of fresh lemon

Hit the Gym With some cardio & client number 1 for the day!

Breakfast: Energizer Breakfast!

Energizer Brakfast-50g oats, 50g bran flakes, 50g mixed nuts (hazel/peacan/almonds, 1 spoon honey, 1 t-spoon cinnamon, almond/soya milk)

Snack: A handful of nut & Green Tea (gives a kick to your motabolism)

Lunch: Soup
Butternut Squash & Onion Soup: Cut squash in half, remove seeds, oil and place on top of chopped/diced onions (1)& celery(3). Add olive oil  again with seasoning and bake for 45mins (gas 6) until slightly browned & tender. Scoop out the squash put into 2 cups veg stock & blend with the celery & half the onions. Add cinnamon and the reaming onions. (Serves 4)

Fluids: Another Green Tea!

After Resistance- Stabilization Equivalent Training

Protein Shake: Dont use protein shakes too much make sure you get most of your protein from real, natural foods! I use a plant protein shake and this keeps my system slightly higher PH and therefore stops me producing acid which cuases fat cells to form!!!!!


Power Yoga class to balance mind & body

Evening Snack: 2 celery sticks with Chili Greens dip: 1 or 2 hot chili peppers, 1 cup petits pois (from frozen fine), ¼ cucumber, 1 pack tofu, lemon juice, coriander, pepper and salt to taste.

Always makesure you have 2-3 litres of water (for best results add our PH balancing powder to give your water a turbo charged health kick & your body all the minerals & vits it needs)

Give it a try if your looking to lose fat and tone for summer.

Peace Be With You Stuart

Avocado Salad: MIX 1 avocado peeled and diced, 1 tbsp light may, 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 clove garlic, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 3 cherry tomatoes, 50g tinned chickpeas or black eyed beans or butter bean, loads of lettuce leaves

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