Tuesday, 2 August 2011

fab abs rouine 1

Basic Abs 1

Heres a simple little abdominal workout. Remember doing "sit-up" doesnt get you a six pack! For that get hold of my PH Weight loss & Motab Type Testing Weight loss diets and programs online from my webistes (launch aug 15th)

For now lets do some exercise!

Equipment: Firts of all ab machines, tone belts, rollers are all rubbish! Dont go near them unless you want an injury or back back. We are going to base this work out around the stability ball. Always keep your movements slow and controlled, concentrate on the muscles you are trying to active and sqeeze them.

The Theory:
Your abdominals work in synergy with a whole group of muscles and so to get the most effective work-out we need to challenge every single one of them. Best way to do this is to keep the body "un-balanced". As your body tries to stabize itself your muscles will fire and contract more fibres.

Tip: Always start a workout with abs/core. This gets your brain to keep them activated and so tone during your entire work out! Never do them at the end or your wasting their potential.

The Work-out

3 sets
10 reps
remember keep the reps slow! (easy way of keeping tempo correct is counting 2 seconds to "sit-up", 2 seconds to hols, 2 seconds return to start position so each rep takes 6 seconds!)

Ball Palnk

Ball Crunch

Ball Side Bend


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