Thursday, 25 August 2011

DAY 4 of My 10 Minute workout

Lets step it up abit! If you have been resting in between the circuits then reduce the time or skip the rests! Today is all about your waist-line!! It sounds stupid but to 'activate' your tummy and reduce its size you need to draw it in. Focus on working it throughout the exercises, think of your belly-button and 'suck' it in before you start every movement. This helps stimulate your internal core muscles such as transverse-abs, internal-oblique, mulifidus-all of which stabilise back & shrink your waist line. I want you to test test your core in different ways-doing sit ups or using them terrible ab cradles is a big NO NO. Your core adapts better to being tested to dynamically stabilise, reduce and produce movement. In this program your doing all 3!

Again we want to elevate heart rate a little to help burn some calories so move from exercise to exercise fast.

How To Do It

Complete 20 reps of each exercise
Warm up & Cool down properly

Russian Twist

Ball Side Bend

Single Leg Bridge

Ice Skater

Ball Twist Jack knife

Weighted Reverse Curl

Ball Plank (1 rep hold for 20 seconds)

There you go beach Body abs

Good luck

Peace & Love


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