Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sex Fit!

With Summers end nearly upon us those colder nights are drwing ever closer. But with all the price increases in fuel save the pennies and get closer to your partner at night. As well as keeping a few extra pounds in the bank accounht it gives to chance to burn some calories and get yourself in shape-im not joking sex fit can play a huge part in your wellbeing & fitness.
Studies have shown that the edorphins released during sex help boost immunity due to a release of higher amounts of a disease fighting anti-boy Immunoglobin A. The endorphins released also which soothe your nerves and decrease menstrual pains, headaches and joint pain. So the “I-have-a-headache” excuse no longer applies girls  – sorry!!!
DHEA, a hormone related to youth vitality, mood, immunity and stress, has also been shown to be much higher in those who had regular sex to orgasm than those who did not. Add to this that in most studies a regular sex life has been linked to better moods, lower stress levels and more intimate & stronger relations with partners.

So now we know why sex is good now how do we makesure we have good sex???

Well I'm talking strictly from a fitness point of view so i cant help with kinky ideas of foreplay!

Fitness wise cardiovascular exercise is a must. Around 20-30 mins 3 times a week helps increase the blood flow to extremities, helps hormone balance as so arousal intensity and having a good areobic fitness help you stay the pace as well .

Yoga is a great tool for increasing core & pelvic floor control (this helps you boys even more than the girls!!) and also helps reduce stress levels which can lead to a reduced sex drive. Pelvic floor exercise are easy by simply squeezing and holding as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine, has been shown to help a women’s ability to reach orgasm and increase sexual function & helps a man get rid of their 5 minute wonder nick-name!

For men sex is a great way to help your body stabilise and increase its testosterone production which is essential for muscle growth, fat loss & generall shape.

I hope now you have discovered the importance and benefits of good sex and how exercise can help improve your sex life & relationships.

I always ask for feed back but on this occasion friends you can leave the details out!

Peace & Love


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