Friday, 30 September 2011

Know Who You Are To Become What You Want

If you want to change your body image, lose weight, tone up or just get fit what’s the best thing to do? Which diet do you follow? Is running long distance good or short sprints?
There’s so much conflicting advice out there that its easy to chop and change your work out without any clear idea of what’s best for you. Remember all the diets & fitness programs you read or your trainer gives you are usually none specific "global" routines that may well have worked for some one but not necessarily will work for you!
To be honest if your new to exercise and had previously lived on a junk diet then any increase in activity and reduction in calories will have an effect. Short term weight loss is easy! Short term fitness improvements and tone is very easy to achieve. But they are usually exactly that- short term improvements that fade quickly. That’s because you haven’t found out the type of diet and exercise that is best for you- for your current fitness and your genetic, blood or muscle type.

So yeah fad diets, 4 week bootcamps in the park will work for a few weeks but they are too none specific to help you long term. If you want to make a real change to your life and become the best you can be then you need to know exactly who you are!!!!

Here is what you need to find out:

Aerobic fitness: Knowing this helps determine your health score
Anaerobic Threshold: This determines the heart rate levels you should work at to burn the most fat.
Metabolic Type: Different ethnic, ancestral groups have adapted to digest and utilize very different food combinations- some people should eat more protein while others are more suited to a diet of carbohydrate and vegetables.
Acid Levels: Helps to work out how often you need to Cleanse your system.
Food Sensitivity: Which foods can cause fatigue, IBS and even high instance of illness.
Kinetic Chain Assessment: Learn which muscles your body is not activating correctly and so not burning enough calories from.
Bio-Feedback: Constant feedback that helps manipulate your ever changing program.

Lets just take one of these and explain how important it is to get all this information:

Anaerobic Threshold

It is traditionally thought that we lose weight best in fat burning zones-or to be more technical when we use the fat oxidative system which is dominant when the intensity is 0-70% during bouts of movement over two minutes. These exercises burn a higher percentage of fat but actually lower calories due to the lower energy requirements. We can burn more calories during exercise at high intensities like interval or hill training-yet we burn a lower percentage of fat and more stored carbohydrate (glycogen) at these levels. Both these theories are sort of true but don’t tell the whole picture! With the proper training, we can “teach” our body to metabolize fat at higher intensities, even above 90%! So we burn more calories and yet still maintain a high percentage of fat!
This Anaerobic Threshold varies from client to client so one of the major objectives for the personal trainer in the beginning stages of training is to help the weight loss client achieve a higher anaerobic threshold. In doing so, the client will have improved the ability to metabolize fat at higher intensity and more fat at lower intensity.

We can push the anaerobic threshold by simply having you exert enough effort over your threshold for a period of time (in this case 60% intensity of max heart rate for 30 seconds) and then recover until your heart rate lowers well below the threshold. You can perform interval work for 10-20 minutes as your workout. The great thing here is we can use any form of movement you enjoy, whether it be traditional cardio training such as walking, jogging or biking, circuit-style strength training or playing with your dog! Biofeedback allows us to use any movement we enjoy so long as we move at the appropriate intensities.

To achieve the body image and fitness you want then come see me or my team for a full fitness assessment.

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