Sunday, 25 September 2011

What A Loser!!! :)

When I say what a loser I mean it in the best possible way! Jonathan King's first month of training was fantastic! He was one of the most motivated of our clients this summer and it paid off for him! Over the first 3 weeks Jonathan lost a fantastic 11lbs and dropped 5" off his waist line! This was even more impressive as he only had 3 Personal Training sessions within that period and so his loss I attribute to his 100% commitment in following the diet plan & training routine I set him!

From This...

To This in Weeks!!

So here is how we made the changes!!!

Week 1 Cleanse The System

Jonathan went on my system cleanser to rebalance his PH and rid his diet of acid forming, fat loading foods. Its not an easy week but it works and he did me and himself proud!!

Sample Meal:

Soup: Broccoli-warm 2 cups of stock, add chopped broccoli (4) & heat for 5mins, put in blender with celery, red pepper, half onion, and half avocado. Blend down to desired consistency & season. (this mix should last 3 days-only have 1 bowl a day!)

Training: First thing we needed to do was "turn on" Jonathans muscles and get his body as efficient as possible and therefore burn as many calories as possible. Like many people Jonathon has an Anterior-Pelvic tilt. This was displayed by Jonathan during his Kinetic Chain Assessment. While squatting his pelvis would fall into a forward tilt and his lower back would appear to arch far too much. This would be present due to week glute (bum) muscles and very tight iliopsoas- hip-flexors. So what did we do? Easy in theory! Stretch Hip flex and strengthen bum. To do this we placed much emphasis on exercises like single leg bridges. single leg squats and later more dynamic exercises like ice-skater & squat jumps.

Cardio Training: Intervals

No need for long time consuming runs to burn the fat! We worked on intensity! Short explosive, intense burst of cardio cause your body to increase its need for oxygen after your workout finishes. This is called EPOC and in basic terms means you are still burning calories hours later while your enjoying watching some trash TV!

Jonathan used boxing pad work with simple combinations for very intense short duration exercise. We aimed to complete 3-5 2 minute rounds with only 30-60 second rest intervals. Along with this we made use of his house to keep that heart rate up and them calories burning away! Simple things like stair runs are fantastic tools for interval cardio. 3-5 sets of 5 stair runs with 30 second rests worked a treat for Jonathan.

Within the first 3 weeks he had lost his target weight and increased his fitness and energy levels immensley. His dedication was evident with his twice weekly 3km fast tempo runs of which he never missed and infact was often txting me he had done a 3rd run that week!!

Jonathon has now lost 16lbs and our aim is for another 8lbs in october leaving him trim and ready to pack on some muscle tone for the Christmas Calenda!!!!

Its been a fantastic training someone who has approached fitness with totall dedication! Watch this space for an up date of jonathon in October when Im confident he will over achieve the goals I have set!!

See Jonathan in Chorltons Production of Romeo & Juliet this October

Peace & Love


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