Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Diary of A Personal Trainer

OK Xmas is coming faster than you think. Before you know it you will be sat in the staff room or office munching on that box of roses or celebrations or sneaking off early to have a mulled wine at the xmas market! So, before you are enticed by all that xmas temptation you’ve got 11 weeks to get as fit, healthy & energized as possible. Most of us have the same goals- lose weight, tone up, get fit. But with all the conflicting advice you are going to be showered with in the xmas lead up what is the right thing to do?

Well I’m going to help!

I cant give away all my trade incites but each week I will be posting a male and female program that will help get you in the best shape for those naughty xmas balls & parties ;). The routines will have sample menu’s, full image library and even a youtube channel link so you cant go wrong! All our clients have very specific programs that are created froma very intense assessment process however this is out of the question for this feature. So the routines have been designed for the most common faulty movement patterns & diet for most common metabolic type. The good thing is all fitness levels can use the routines as long as you just remember to be safe and not over exert yourself to risk any form of injury.

So today you can have the first male & female program & this wknd the first of a series of videos will be posted. I Hope you enjoy the routines and that together we get in shape this winter & enjoy a guilt free xmass!

Remember these are my workout stats so don’t try match me, chose the correct cardio levels and weights that you can lift safely.

Session 1: Integrated Stabilization Training Total Body Routine

Theory: To challenge the entire kinetic chain in all 3 planes of motion to help increase optimal muscle recruitment to improve Deceleration, Stabilization & Acceleration of the body (Increase the percentage of muscle tissue used by the body and thus burn more calories).

My Kinetic Chain:
I have an anterior pelvis tilt which means my hip flexors are too tight and my glute (bum muscles) are not activating enough. I also have a tendency to protract (pull forward) my shoulders leading to a tight chest and shoulder muscles and week rhomboids and trans traps. These faulty movements mean I will burn less calories during running and back exercises so its important they get sorted!!! To do that every exercise in the circuit will recruit as many muscles as possible all at the same time- so no machines, no weight benches!

Key Points: To challenge the body in unstable environments at slow tempos while keeping absolute perfect kinetic chain function/posture.

Tempo: 3/2/2 this basically means lower weight/body for a period of 3 seconds, stabilize/hold for 2 seconds and then lift the weight/body for 2 seconds. This means each rep takes 5 seconds to complete so DO IT SLOW!!!

The Routine:

Warm-up: Treadmill incline 1.0 speed 14.0 for 1 km.

Resistance: 25 reps all done as a circuit with no or minimal rest between exercises. 

Circuit 1

Deadlift40 kg25Draw in core keep knee soft
Single Leg Touch-down to Shoulder Press4 kg25Push body weight through heel
Ball Jack Knife Press-upBody weight25Draw in core
Lunge Rotation3 kg25Eyes follow weights
Ball Prone Shoulder Press2 kg25Keep the d/b weights pushed behind ears
Ball Prone Row5 kg25Pull shoulder blades together to recruit rhomboids
Tricep Extension5 kg25Lock knees and tense bum
Single Leg Squat Touch DownBody weight25Focus on squeezing bum on the way up

Ill repeat this circuit 2-3 times and then hit the rower to finish the muscle recruiting. 100m will do me fine.

Day one done!

Sample Menu for this week.

The plan is to cleanse my system and reduce as much acid forming foods as possible! So no coffee, no sugar, no fruit (lemons, limes, grapefruit, tomato allowed), no red meat, no refined carbs-white pasta or rice, reduce dairy, reduce all meats and increase my green vegetables intake.

Upon Waking: Boiling water with slice of lemon

Breakfast: 50g Oats, 50g bran flakes, handful almonds, flaxseeds, cinnamon & a little honey. Mix with Hemp or rice milk.
Whey Protein Shake with water

Snack:  Green Tea & 1 whole white Grapefruit

Lunch: 50g wild/brown rice with turkey breast & green salad. Loads of chilies and garlic to flavour.
Green Tea with digestive enzyme supplement

Snack: Half bowl of Home made Broccoli soup

Dinner: Avocado Salad

Evening Snack: PH alkaline Protein Shake with zinc vitamins

Before Bed: Cleansing Tea

Extra: 1 liter PH balanced with oxygen sups and 2 liter of normal tap water.

Sample Recipe:  Avocado Salad

Avocado Salad: MIX 1 avocado peeled and diced, 1 tbsp light may, 2 tbsp lime juice, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 clove garlic, 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 3 cherry tomatoes, 50g tinned chickpeas or black eyed beans or butter bean, loads of lettuce leaves.

Remember to look out for my Youtube Videos this weekend xxx

Peace & Love


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