Thursday, 6 October 2011

Whats Your PURPOSE?

Lets face it most of us travel through life relatively unconsciously. We have become so immersed in reacting to external demands of what needs to be done to “get by” and survive, that we rarely stop to ask ourselves WHAT DO WE REALLY WANT?, WHY do we want IT? and HOW will it make us feel once we “get IT”?
We often hear people talk of their PURPOSE in life (practically everyone entering a talent show seems to have the same “purpose” in life!!) and yet do we really stop and consider what our purpose is? I’m not going to get all spiritual on you or try to tell you your purpose or even that exercise & healthy living should be everyone’ purpose. However this article does have an exercise “purpose” and I do hope it makes you stop and think-at least for 5 minutes and re focus on your health, image & wellbeing-but even wider than that this article may trigger something deeper and help you refocus on life.
So let’ hold on this word PURPOSE for a moment. What does it actually mean? First of all its’not some fleeting impulse! The definition is as follows:

purpose n.
1.       The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal: Determination; resolution: He was a man of purpose.
2.       A result or effect that is intended or desired; an intention.
3.       The matter at hand; the point at issue.

OK I’m going to ask you now:

1.       WHAT do you want?
2.       WHY do you want it?
3.       HOW can you achieve it?

The aim here is to help you connect with your own sense of inner drive in your life so that we may all emerge with a purpose… that we may live with purpose… and to do it all on purpose!
To help you find what you really want to achieve I need you to get some instinct back & lose this constant pre-programmed responses. Think of children or wild life. They have not yet been tainted with all the should and should not’s of the world. They don’t yet know what is cool, what is right or what they are supposed to do. They simply know what feels good to them, and they pursue it without censor or inhibition. In the Western world, we sometimes see this as self centered or selfish, but in truth, it’s just honest.

Fresh Start
So take a moment and consider your life and all of its elements, responsibilities, details and demands. Think about all the people around you and what they’re doing and how that makes you feel. Think about the tasks you’re supposed to do today, the people you’re supposed to call and the bills you’re supposed to pay. Think about the projects, dreams and aspirations you may have just sitting on the shelf tossed to the back of your mind and how they make you feel by just sitting there like they do. Think about all the roles, expectations and achievements you’ve had in the past and all the plans and goals you have for the future...
Now take a moment and wash all that away. Breathe deep, shake it  out, jump around the room, scream, basically whatever it takes to clear your mind and for a time, imagine letting go of all the current internal and external structures in your life. As much as possible, just let them go (they’ll be there waiting after we’ve finished if you still want them).

Now take a few moments to calm down. Open your eyes and start re thinking- what makes you happy? What do you want? Why do you really want it?

It seems so simple, and yet most people never stop to review their life until its passed them by-Don’t Be One of Them! Find the time and focus on getting what your heart truly desires. Allow yourself to ask and to honestly answer these questions is the first vital step to consciously co-creating the life you came to live. Some old things may naturally fall away, but in the process, incredible doorways into new possibilities begin to open.
Believe me, we have now done the hardest part and faced up to WHAT we want and now, the real fun begins! In my next article I’m going to talk you through the PURPOSE for our fitness goals. Together we are going to write down your SMART goals and devise a plan to help you achieve them. We will go beyond the conventional routes of goal/setting achievement & help you unlock the key to motivation.
Remember that feeling…

Peace & Love


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