Wednesday, 16 November 2011


The days get shorter, the comfort food gets bigger and today you hit snooze 3 times before dragging your carcass out of bed! Hibernating Mammals are beginning to store up to 50% of their body weight as fat in preparation for the cold nights ahead-is this starting to sound familiar? The human hibernation might have begun to set in early for some of you this year-so lets stop it!

The First Step SMART Goals

Winter and New Year are prime time for fitness equipment, gym membership and personal fitness session sales ans yet while many of us make the investment in one of these we do so without any clear idea of what you actually want to achieve. But we need goals, not gadgets.
Right now write out your SMART GOALS
S-mart, M-easurable, A-ccurate, R-ealistic, T-imed.
An example of this would be: Lose 2 inches off your waist, drop 5 pounds by Dec 1st.

Make It Fun: 

Yes its true that some exercises are better than others but if you hate every single minute if it then your going to give up long before the xmas party!


Distract yourself with some sort of entertainment. A good ipod playlist will keep you distracted and exercising for longer.
Recreational sports burn calories, too. If you hate gyms join a class or sports team with some friends and get locked into the great social aspect exercising in groups presents. Say you play three rounds of golf a week, walking and pulling your clubs with a handcart, which would be about 15 miles of walking, or 1,500 calories burned.

Some other ways you can burn 1,500 calories in a week without feeling miserable exercising:
5-a-side 3 hours
Netball 4 hours
Doubles tennis: 3 hours
DIY- Using power tools: 3 hours
Drumming: 4 1/2 hours
Sex: 8 hours (seems alot of effort to me ;) )

Get your diary out and using a coloured pen mark down the days you are exercising this week. High light any evenings you plan to have a few drinks or have a meal out with friends and then balance your calories & PH levels at breakfast and Lunch. Simply reduce portion size and take out meat, dairy, coffee and switch to greens and salads for lunch.

Good Luck


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