Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Super Hero Foods

The Winter winds are here and its already taking victims to the dreaded cold and "man-flu". So how can we fight back? Easy. Stock up on these Super Hero Foods!

Anti-Viral Allicin is an oily compound that not only gives garlic its pungent smell but also works in the body as an antioxidant. Like vitamin C, allicin helps to keep your immune system. Most people would consume garlic in its natural state in a meal although it is also available as a supplement that doesn’t have the same impact on breath.


Oranges move over these babies are loaded with more Vit C than your average Jaffa. Most people know doses of vitamin C will protect us against the common cold because it is an essential antioxidant which your immune system needs in order to function properly. Most fruits also contain vitamin C – in fact, gram for gram, blackcurrants have the most though they are quite bitter.


Like all peppers, fresh chillies contain lots of vitamin C and pro vitamin A or carotene. But there’s more to these little fiery fruits than that – they also have pain-relieving properties that will go to work on a headache, while your body’s reaction to the ‘hot’ chemical they contain, capsaicin, makes your nose run and opens up your passageways. Go as hot as you dare for maximum effect! Most of my food is chili & garlic loaded and its a great way of kicking that motabolism and giving plain food abit of flavour.

Green teaPrized for its health benefits throughout Asia since ancient times, green tea has become increasingly popular in the West as its immunity-boosting properties have been understood. It’s made from the same plant as ordinary black tea, but isn’t fermented like black tea protecting its anti-oxidant polyphenols. An average cup contains a half to a third of the caffeine in a cup of coffee, so you can drink it all day without feeling jittery. Make it a SUPER super Hero and add ginger and lemon to give you a nice wake up and PH balance your digestive system.


 Research is showing that the delicate balance of sugars, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and antibacterial elements found in honey combine to create a compound with multiple benefits.
The traditional cold remedy of hot honey and lemon turns out to have a sound scientific basis, not only because both contain antioxidants, but because honey can coat and soothe an irritated throat, and reduce coughing. Combine honey with a natural probiotic yoghurt at breakfast of as a desert later in the evening.

Add these to your shopping list this week & enjoy the festive season.


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