Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ph your way to Perfect Health

The Problem

All these high protein, high fats no veg, fruit or basically any mineral or vitamins have become a major health problem! No-one is stupid enough to actually think that bacon, sausages and fried eggs every day were going to be good for us. Yes the Atkins and Dukan and South Beach all helped people lose allot of weight in a short period of time but it doesn't last! Add to that the horrible lack of energy, mood swings and worst of all the stinking breath and embarrassingly passing wind from all the protein made it a no go for many after week 2!
So what should we do?

The basics of weight gain are you have eaten more calories than you are burning off each day. So why is it you eat hardly anything, exercise loads and only lose very little or nothing at all? The reason is probably down to the TYPES of food you are eating which are likely giving you an overly acidic internal environment. Your body produces fat cells to carry away acids from your vital organs as a form of defense. Another two culprits of weight gain are Yeast & Fungi. Over consumption of these interfere with digestion which again causes your body to “hold-on” to more weight-sometimes due to your appetite being increase but also because of the extra stress on your liver stops it metabolizing fats properly. Most alarmingly all three cause stress on your thyroid glands and can be a huge factor in people who suffer with fatigue, sugar cravings, big appetites & a whole host of diseases & ailments. (see fit blog for more on this). Its not as simple as starting to eat the “good” foods and reducing the bad. Its likely you have built up layers of mucus in your internal digestive organs as a result of the acid, fungus, sugar foods you live on. This hugely reduces the nutrients your body can absorb, slows the rate at which they pass through you and as a result keeps you in this vicious cycle.
Good news is that all of this can be changed! Remove the Bad & Bring in the Good. Less fat, more lean muscle, more energy, better sleep patterns & lower stress will all be yours after this program.
So basically acidic foods=reduced metabolism & fat cell growth!!!

Here's some basic Ph balanced recipes I will be including in my diet this week to help me strip that body fat down!! Have a try and let me know what you think x

Soup: Broccoli-warm 2 cups of stock, add chopped broccoli (4) & heat for 5mins, put in blender with celery, red pepper, half onion, and half avocado. Blend down to desired consistency & season. (this mix should last 3 days-only have 1 bowl a day!)

Butternut Squash & Onion Soup: Cut squash in half, remove seeds, oil and place on top of chopped/diced onions (1)& celery(3). Add olive oil  again with seasoning and bake for 45mins (gas 6) until slightly browned & tender. Scoop out the squash put into 2 cups veg stock & blend with the celery & half the onions. Add cinnamon and the reaming onions. (Serves 4)

The Dips: All these dips are to be used sparingly & last 3 days between 2 people. Finely chop/dice all ingredients then blend them up! Easy!
Avocado Dip: Blend down 1 pack soft tofu, ¼ diced onion, 1 small tomato, half medium mashed avocado, lemon juice, garlic, chili (all fresh and to taste),
Chili Greens dip: 1 or 2 hot chili peppers, 1 cup petits pois (from frozen fine), ¼ cucumber, 1 pack tofu, lemon juice, coriander, pepper and salt to taste.

Hope this helps

Peace & Love

Heres some dips to munch on while your watching BBC3 tonight at 9pm Hot Like Us ;)

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