Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Strip That Fat!!! Diary of A Personal Trainer Day #7 Cardio Circuit

I have a week to go until I’m away on the swim wear shoot and while I feel I am making good progress I want MORE! There’s so many "fat-burn" programs online, in health magazines or even in my local gym it’s easy to get confused.

So, what really works?
Many popular programs that promote very high intensity workouts have shown great results, at least in the short term. For example, studies of different programs on the market found that very high intensity programs and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) resulted in significant weight loss for participants.

“Circuit training” has been a buzz phrase in fitness in recent years, and is a great way to accomplish a lot of work in a short period of time and promote caloric burn both during and after the workout. The aim is to keep my intensity, heart rate and muscle effort very high and so force the body to need more energy and so burn calories. Circuits are great fat burning programs for beginners or the most experienced of athletes. My circuit can be adapted to suit your fitness level by simply increasing rest times. Studies have shown that training in circuit form until complete fatigue depletes the body of far too much energy and leads to shorter and shorter periods of exercise. To combat this I want you to start with a rest interval between each exercise. Don’t let your rest interval exceed the time of the actual exercise itself! No gabbing or discussing the weekends TV! 30 seconds of max intensity followed by 15-30 seconds active recovery- active recovery basically means DONT sit down. Keep moving during your rest intervals even if its only walking.

 Because the goal is to maintain the intensity throughout the interval, 30 seconds of high intensity exercise is sufficient. Longer intervals often result in compromised form and technique, and most people are unable to maintain the resistance necessary to achieve the desired results, such as an increase in EPOC (the amount of oxygen the body uses up after finishing exercise). Thirty-second intervals make it easy to stay focused and to put in 100% effort, making the workouts move very quickly. I'm going to be doing my circuit each morning as my fat burn cardio so I don’t have much time to get in the studio before I have to dash to make the school run. So for me I’m setting my total training time at 20 mins just like I did for my interval cardio. I want to rest as little as possible and luckily my fitness levels allow me to do so. Remember this is not the case for everyone so listen to your body! five-minute blocks of intense exercise is extremely effective because I know I can maintain power, keep perfect form and focus, and push myself to my physical limits while seeing the end is near. In the studies noted previously, 10-minute circuits showed a significant drop in client performance in minutes 6 through 8, and circuits shorter than 3 minutes did not allow for maximum effort. So that’s it then im going for 3x 5 minute circuits leaving me enough time to cool down and stretch before I join the morning traffic!

So for my cardio circuits i'm going to use the treadmill, rower and x-Trainer. I avoid the Bike as I display anterior pelvic tilt and the Bike can encourage this over curvature in my spine and cause injury and reduce calories burn as my glutes stop to function!!!

I'm going to use 30/30 ratio of exercise/rest but by wknd I’m going to reduce my rest times to 15 seconds so increase my workload.

Its a simple way of adapting mt cardio intervals and yet very effective. So here is my Training Plan:

Treadmill: 30 seconds Speed 16k/30 seconds Speed 8.0k
Rower: 30 seconds Sprint/30 seconds pull tempo
X-Trainer 30 seconds Level 16/30 seconds Level 10 keeping RPM constant throughout.

That’s its 15 mins then cool down then out for breakfast!

The 30/30 interval training program will safely aid in both cardio fitness improvement and the body’s ability to burn more calories during workouts, while increasing metabolism to burn calories throughout the day. It is important to note that this type of training should be done only once or twice a week. It is a great supplement to group exercise or steady-state training, and best of all tomo I'm going to adapt this format to include all my resistance exercises and so give me a total body workout in 15min!  Remember you DONT need to exercise everyday but if you are, mix in some lower intensity days (returning to the old “fat burning zone”) to help promote recovery and to prevent overtraining. This training variety avoids hitting a plateau or burning out.

Now Food Time

Breakfast: Energizer Smoothie: half green-ish banana(aid digestion), half cup strawberries (anti-ox), soft tofu (protein), almond milk (Ph balanced), cinnamon (balance sugar levels), flax-seeds(digestions), 1 scoop Hemp Protein (Ph balanced) BLEND & add ice YUM!

Mid Morning: I need a treat so low fat peanut butter or almond butter on celery with a Green Tea of-course!

Lunch: Ph balanced Greens Home Made Soup (if you wana lose weight then you need this recipe off me!!!) with side of broccoli and dressing.

Snack: Energy Cereal! 50g mixed nuts, 50g oats & almond milk with whey protein mix, cinnamon.

TRAIN!!! Legs, Chest, Triceps SET PHASE! check this routine out!!!
Post Training: Whey Protein Shake

Dinner: Butternut Squash Curry with chickpeas & chicken.

Evening Snack: Avocado Dip with carrot & celery sticks.

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