Saturday, 7 January 2012

New Years Resolution 3 Get A Toned Body!

This Ones For The Ladies! If you want a tight, toned body then this is the workout for you this January. Its a mini circuit so we keep your heart rate high at the same time as targeting your hips, bum, tummy legs and backs of arms. Once you start the circuit don't stop! Keep that heart rate up and your body will burn calories like your out running laps.

How To Do IT:
Complete 1 set (15 reps) of each exercise without resting in between. At the end of each circuit have a rest-start with a 60 seconds rest but as you get fitter reduce this time down to 45 or 30 seconds. Complete 3-5 loops of the circuit and get that body toned up!

D/B Squat to Shoulder Press: tip- push up through your heels to engage bum, don't push through the ball of your feet as you will recruit your thighs more and bum less.

Ball Jack Knife: tip keep this exercise nice and slow and squeeze those abs in.

Ball Press up (close grip): tip- if your shoulders are tired from the jack knife roll back so the ball is positioned under your pelvis. The closer your hands are placed to one another the more you will target the backs of your arms.

Side Plank:

                Lunge Rotations:

Push up and Row: tip-don't miss this out, if your struggling to complete the exercise go in 3/4 position and go down on your knees.

Swiss-Ball Roll out: tip-keep belly button drawn in throughout otherwise this exercise will cause back pain!!

Step-up: tip- this is one to really burn them calories so complete 15 reps on each leg!

Roman Twist (15 per side)-

That's it! Combine this workout with our New Year menu and you will be super toned in no time!!!

Don't forget to let PHfitness know how your exercise routine is going xx

Well-being Director

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