Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Years Resolution 5 build Muscle

If your sick of being the funny friend, or the success friend or the "nice" friend and you want to be the ripped friend or the muscles friend then this is your New Years Resolution!

We are not going for bulk here, we are aiming for ripped up abs, bulging biceps and a cut chest so when you take that top off jaws are going to hit the floor.

How to do it: we want to keep your heart rate up to burn the excess fat away but to stimulate the greatest muscle growth we need to include some stability exercises, total body movements and the max weights you can lift!

Complete each circuit without resting between exercises. At the end of each circuit rest for 60 seconds and then start the need routine. Complete al 3 routines every other day for 3 weeks, remembering to increase the weights you are lifting at the start of each new week to force muscle growth.

Reps 12

Total Body Circuit
Squat Curl Press
Jack Knife Press up
Lunge Rotation
Press- up Row
Shoulder Snatch

Push Circuit
Press ups
Ball Chest Press
Ball Chest Fly
Ball Press Up
Ball French Press
Bench Dips

Pull Circuit
Bent Over Row D/B
Ball Prone Row
Ball Cobra
D/B side/lat Raise
D/B bicep Curl
D/B Hammer Curl

repeat all 3 circuits 3,4 or 5 times and most importantly refuel them muscles after you finish! Have that recovery Protein, low complex carb Shake ready.

Perfect Muscle Building Breakfast:
50g oats
50g bran
Handful of sliced almonds
Hemp/almond Milk
Protein powder

Mid Morning Protein Fix:
Scrambled eggs, spinach and smoked salmon

Keep an eye open for our muscle menu each day this week!

Good luck


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