Monday, 23 January 2012

Stars of January

So we are a few weeks into January, all those new year resolutions are in full swing and hopefully you are all on track with achieving your goals. At PHfitness-Wellbeing we have had a fantastic start to 2012. Most of of clients have entered an event be that 5k, 10k, half marathon or tough guy and with our help will make a real difference to their vitality and quality of life this year.
All week we have been assessing our clients progress and special mention this week has to go to Matt and anneliesje. Having just begun their training with PH they have made an excellent start and one we are all proud of then for. Following our PH balanced diet plan and circuit routine they have lost 9lbs and 8lbs each in the last 2 weeks! No crash starvation diet just hard work and motivation to really achieve something amazing this year.

Here's some tips they have used to help them make such an amazing start to the year.

Well done the pair of you, let's hope next month we can blog of even more success!

What They Did
Get turned on... Both Mat & Anneliesje have ant-pelvic tilts which means they have over active or spasm contracting hamstrings and low glute(bum) activation. Tin simple terms for weightloss they were not using their bum muscles effectively at all. So by altering that and "turning" on the muscle more they will burn more calories!

Have a Jan Clear out...with diets high in acid producing food it was important to give their digestive systems a helping hand and therefore help the body absorb more of the essential nutrients we have now include in the meal plan. Easy way to do this is reduced dairy, increased high fibre beans, pulses, oats, add digestive enzymes and acid reducing fluids. Both Clients started taking magnesium, omega vits and changed to a plant based protein like hemp.

Speed up...we didn't want to overload either of them with long boring exercise routines when their working day is long and he's enough as it is. Long routines often lead to low motivation, reduced intensity and even worse food cravings! So we used fast, high tempo, high intensity circuits trying to include as many total body movements as possible. Moving from one exercise to the next with testing keeps the training more aerobic and acts as cardio and muscle tone/build all at the same time! 20 min routines as a max and only 3x per week with a jog at the winds in prep for the Manchester 10k. Anyone can commit to that!

Stay Clear of Robots...we used free weight, free motion total body exercises to recruit the most muscle we could during every single movement. No chest press machines, no leg extensions and NO stationary bikes! Below I have give some examples of the total body free motion exercises we used to burn off the fat.

It has to be said these 2 clients have excelled this January as many of our team have. I confident this week will be another success and we can share some more amazing results with you all. Well done Mat & Anneliesje see you later this week x

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