Friday, 10 February 2012

Six Pack Rules

Out with the old: if you have an abs cradle or a mail order Americana style abs bench go get it now! Ok pick it up take it outside and throw it against the wall. Stamp on it, smash it to bits and put it in the bin. You have probably just done the most intense workout possible with that junk!
There's no machine and no quick fix to getting a toned run or rock hard six pack. You need to focus on your diet , cardio and change the way you approach core exercise.

Get The Basics Right:
Your abdominal core musles can be trained in 3 ways.
1: flexion-cruch, reverse curl
2: rotation-roman twists, cross jabs
3: tension/Isometric contraction-planks, side planks

Add Resistance:
Dont focus on hundreds of reps instead increase the intensity of each rep by adding 5-10 kg d/b or plates. Simply hold a weight above your head when performing a crunch or during a roman twist hold a weight and rotate that side to side.

Stay Still:
Planks and side plank variations are still the most effective way of activating your abdominal core and reducing waist line.

It's all about Balance:
Use stability balls, bosu or core boards while performing abdominals and resistance based exercise. Placing your body in a more challenging unstable environment will force it to recruit more muscle fibre leading to harder, flatter toned abs.

Sort Your Diet:
This biggest factor of any exercise and body sculpting routine is diet. You can't exercise your way out of bad food. Check out out PHdiet and this month keep an eye out for PH-shred45. This workout is your 45min fix to getting the kind of body tone you have always wanted.
This month we will release our PH-shred45 plan including exercise routine and 4 week diet plan for only £4!!!!

Peace and Love


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