Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Pack on Muscle for Summer

Summer is coming and you don't want to be the one who hides behind a t-shirt on the beach! If you get started now there's time to get a body you never want to cover up.

10 Basic Rules

1: Lift Heavy and Fast- stimulating fast twitch muscle fibers help stimulate more muscle growth. For the first 2 weeks keep your rep range around 7-10 and lift as heavy as possible.

2: Squat, Press, Deadlift- concentrate on the BIG muscle groups to force your body into the biggest growth spurt. Heavy squats, deadlifts, bench press, Shoulder press and D/B rows.

3: Eat enough Not too much- your trying to grow muscle and so this requires energy BUT don't fall into the trap of over eating! The trick is keeping protein higher than normal but only consuming carbohydrates before and immediately after exercise to provide fuel and recovery.

4: Mix it up- you need to keep "fooling" your body by changing your workouts. During week 3 add in some supersets (working 2 muscle groups alternately with no rest).

Chest Press-to-Bicep curl

5: Full of Beans- chickpeas, split peas, kidney beans all help regulate blood sugar & provide energy to train harder!

6: Rest- muscles only grow during a rest period so only hit the weights 3-4 x a week maximum.

7: Don't be lazy! Your body won't grow unless you force it too! For your larger muscle groups (legs, chest, back) you need to complete 12-15 sets and for smaller groups (shoulders, biceps, triceps) complete 9-12 sets.

8: Protein Breakfast- you've been asleep all night, hopefully recovering and growing muscle tissue and now the first thing you need in you is protein! Protein helps reduce sugar cravings and will start your day with the essential nutrients for growth and repair.

9: Go Shopping- there's only a few essential supplements you need to invest in but they are essential! To increase testosterone and therefore muscle growth you need Zinc & Magnesium, for growth and repair you need whey protein and amino acids. I would also suggest you keep in an alkalizing drink and a pro hormone.

10: Follow a Plan- don't just stroll in the gym with no clear idea of what your trying to achieve. Write down your routines and the weights you lift at each session and use this as your motivation. Every time you go into the gym beat your previous lifts.

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Remember the Essentials and get the basic exercises correct!

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