Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Weight Loss Tips

If your trying to lose a few pounds of fat before you fly off on your holidays here's your essential guide!

Beware of Diet food!
Often food products claiming to be healthy and good for weight loss are infant the total opposite. Ignore the big 95% FAT FREE slogan and look at sugar content. Sugar is just another label for fats! Look at the per 100g column and if it's more than 15-20 then that's up to 20% fat then add this the the 5% they are admitting the product contains and you have the total fat you can store eating this!

Keep it Simple
Fresh, unprocessed foods are always going to be better for you. White bread, pasta, most canned food and artificial sweeteners all contain chemicals your body can't process. These chemicals are used by food companies because they keep food fresher for longer- so they have a longer time to sell them basically! If your body can't process it then it gets stored as fat!

Healthy Bones- Health abs???
Calcium is vital while trying to lose weight. Calcium is linked to literally dragging fat into your poo and stopping the body storing it.

Go Green
Don't rely on dairy to get your calcium, it's high acid forming and will actually inhibit cell function and cause reduction in metabolic rate and increase digestive dysfunction. Instead load up on green veg, spinach, broccoli, asparagus to get a nutrient, fat burning fix.

Bean Beans good for your...fat loss
High fibre beans and pulses such as chickpeas, kidney beans edam beans all regulate sugar levels and stop waste pooling in your colon which can cause toxic overload. This toxic overload means your liver has more elements to deal with and then spends less time metabolizing sugars (fats) so guess what happens? Yep you store it as fat!

Short Intense NOT slow and steady
Cardio and conditioning exercise is best done at high intensities. Ignore them terrible "fat burning" programs you see in gyms and don't rely on low impact step and Zumba to shed the fat. Instead get together some form of an interval program. Start basic, 1 min high intensity 1 min medium to low and repeat this for 15-20 minutes. As your fitness increases reduce the time spent at moderate to low intensity to 45, 30 or even 20 seconds.

Pick Up Some Weights
using weights, Dina bands or any resistance based equipment will recruit muscle and burn fat. It won't have you turning into Arny or Fatima so don't avoid them! it's important you challenge your body and mix up your training or before you know it your achievements will cease.

Avoid Yeast, Fungus and Moulds
Breads and cheese can be the main culprits of these. Yeast, fungus and moulds cause a toxic blood composition which is linked to causing organ dysfunction and fat cell production!!!!!

Keep an eye or for of new trainers "beach body" challenge starting this bank holiday weekend.

Good Luck


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