Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Diary of A Personal Trainer

Day 2: so meat free Monday went well. It was low calorie & it definitely helped me sleep (high animal protein diets make sleep erratic in most body types) and I woke up this after the evening MyFitness Power Yoga and felt amazing!

So what was day 2? It was the My fitness Warrior Circuit! This circuit is a high intensity Total Body Workout designed to engage as many muscle groups as possible. The workout incorporates Power Lifting moves like Clean & Press, Deadlifts, Squats, Clean & Jerk. These exercise recruit the entire kinetic chain (body) to its full potential and therefore have the highest calorie "burning" effect of any weights exercise available. So each session im going to pick one of these lifts to base my training around. The power Lift is always heavy but its vital to maintain PERFECT form!

after completing 4-6 sets of a Power lift il start my ripping circuit- the circuit uses the principle of overload and interval training. Il set a timer for 60 seconds and complete as many repetitions as possible and then rest for 10 seconds only before moving on.

Today's Session:
Cardio: Bike Intervals- simple
20 seconds seconds easy ride
20 second sprint
10 second max climb
Repeat 5x

Start up: think inside out! Always start a sessions with a quick aerobic warm up to heat your internals and prepare the body to move and next ALWAYS ALWAYS hit your core! Getting your core to fire diary means its easier for the brain to keep it "tight" thought the rest of the session so its basically like your doing abs ALL the way through!

Heel Tap: start in a plank with feet slightly wider than shoulde twists apart then while keeping abs tight tap feet side to side.

Side Planks

Roman Twist

Clean & Press: 8 reps, 4 sets 50kg
Resting 60 seconds between sets.

Circuit: combat the fat!
This ultimate fighter inspired routine uses high-energy moves to kick ass out of that fat. Keep that heart pumping and get your body to feed on the flab!

Burpees Alternate Leg thrust

Cross Jab Shadow Boxing

Straight Kick

Crunch with Cross Jab


Repeat 3x to make your 15 minute fat burning circuit.

Fat Stripping booster: workout Shake
Whey protein (isolate low sugar)
Why? Protein supports growth & repair of muscle tissue which in turn can boost your metabolism. CLA is a supplement I've just started to trail but all research shows its one of the best ingredients when putting together a fat burning snack. L-carnitine is one of my faves. It can be expensive so search round for a good deal (holland and barret often have the buy 1 get 1 free offer in this amino acid). I take this in liquid form but it is available in tablet form too.


Upon Waking: green tea and fresh lemon

Breakfast: 50g oats, handful crushed almonds (soak in water over night to release enzymes), coconut milk, water, cinnamon & 1 scoop whey protein.

Snack: green tea

Lunch: grilled chicken, mixed salad (spinach, lettuce, avocado, apple, olive oil & fresh villi dressing).
Have with a greens mineral drink.

Dinner: turkey Stew
Turkey Breast grilled, spinach, cauliflower, veg stock, garlic, Chilli, coriander, 100g chickpeas, coconut milk simmer :)

Snack: low fat Greek yoghurt with 1 scoop choc flavored whey protein & 3-4 crushed almond flakes.

Before Bed: hot water & lemon with and extra greens drink.

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