Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Goddess Program

While most of my 4 week ripping program can be followed for men & women there have been many requests for me to post some of our My Fitness UK "Goddess Program". The Goddess Program is specifically designed to enhance the appearance are female clients highlighted as the most important-inside of thighs, Bum, Hips, Abs with added exercises to target the areas on show for the Xmas black dress! (Back of shoulders, back of arms).

The routine takes 20 minutes and can be completed every other day during over the next week or 2.
You don't need a gym, in fact you need very little equipment-just a kettle bell or hand weight of around 5kg.

Goddess Program

Warm up: perform a mix of movements to increase heart rate and allows blood flow to "spike" and ready your body to burn some calories! 2-3 minutes of squats, lunges, power walk, stair climbs(run up and down the stairs), reverse golf swings.

The Routine:
Perform 25 reps of each exercise, moving from one exercise to the next with rest!

Bench Lunge (legs & bum)
Kettle Swing (total body)
Side plank (waist)
Single leg bridge (bum)
Side plank with leg abduction (waist & bum)
Lunge to shoulder press/reach
Ball mountain climber (abs)

Rest 30-60 seconds then start again! Complete at least 3 circuits and keep that heart rate pumping!

Cool down: everyone wants more toned inner thighs but trust me avoid them crazy leg squeezing machines in the gym! Most of the population have "tight". Or over active inner thighs so the last thing your should do is make hen tighter! You need to lengthen the inside of your thigh but do it under tension! This slims the leg dramatically and is one of the main reasons I insists all our female clients attend one of my Power Yoga Classes every week!

For your cool down I want you to move between warrior 2 pose and half moon pose! Later today il post a full routine on YouTube channel for you all to try. My type of yoga is dynamic, stress relieving and the perfect aid to muscle tone!

Try the Goddess Circuit Today, simply follow the images at the end of this post. Remember don't waist time and don't rest too much-keep that heart pumping baby!

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