Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Supplements THE TRUTH

With so many different opinions and suggestions of which supplements you MUST take its easy to be swept along and before you know it your spending £50, £60, £100 on powders, pills and liquids!
Stop! Before the latest heat magazine, or your Personal Trainer starts the big sell of you need this to make you look and feel better have a read of this and get the truth about supplements.

My Recommendations:

Cinnamon: taking a capsule of cinnamon at meals times helps slow down the speed at which your stomach empties and also regulates blood sugar to reduce appetite.

Omega (3&6 essential)
Fatty acids DHA & EPA which are essential for a whole number of reasons- Lowe blood pressure, lower bad blood cholesterol, help prevent liver damage and reduce the withdrawal symptoms presented while reducing or stopping alcohol consumption.

Flaxseed Oil
Helps regular healthy digestion which is essential while trying to reduce body fat.

Super Greens Powder********
My super star!!!! Drinks this daily helps your blood pH become more alkaline which in turn helps every cellular function in your body to operate correctly! The pros include:
Reduce Cell mutation (linked to cancers and life style disease)
Reduce fat store
Increase energy
Aid deeper sleep

Women it's essential, men you get it in ZMA so don't worry. Magnesium is linked to helping all enzyme release and cellular processes! Get it!

ZMA- men only!
Forget all the "testosterone" enhancers on the market and just buy this! Take it before bed and help increase production of testosterone (to the levels they should be at but aren't in the western world due to life styles and reduced activity at work).

Avoid These!

Milk Thistle!!
Yes it's popular and according to all your mates it helps a hangover and stops liver damage! Well the truth is the studies into the supplement are far to short term and narrow minded to give any conclusive evidence that they actually help liver function. Most studies are conducted on people who have mad lifestyle and diet changes or are of an age that the liver repairs at a more accelerated rate so its hard to tell of the supplement helped or these other factors.

Vitamin A
It's always recommend to help keep healthy and boost the immune system but its one of the few supplements that you can easily overdose on and damage the liver!

It's basically a stimulant like caffeine and in high doses it can cause adrenal stress and this inhibits your blood sugar control and can mess with cravings and crashes in energy.

Fat Burning Pills- slims/trims/grenade etc
They are basically copies of "speed" and while they can help reduce appetite for a period of time they are causing a toxic waste in your body and completely mess up your adrenalin production and utilization. They Do NOT increase your metabolism!

Now this supplement DOES work for things like jet lag and short term sleep disruption but they do not help people who suffer from insomnia or stress!

Crazy claims come this this supplement like losing 14lbs in a week! It's not true. The body doesn't absorb this pill form of basically Vit-C so don't bother with it.

Still inconclusive as to this having any effect on the body. Studies are mainly funded by the supplement companies producing this drug so don't bother until there's some real evidence.

There you go!
The basics are we all need a Grass/Greens powder and Omega 3 & 6 I'd also be tempered to take B vitamins.

Then Men get ZMA and Ladies take chromium, cinnamon and magnesium.

That's it folks xxxx

If you have specific dietary or health needs feel free to contact me over twitter for supplement advice @stu_pilkington

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