Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Green Meat!

There's a new "Green Meat" that has more nutrients, vitamins & minerals than any other. It's a powerful fat burning and muscle defining food and you can pretty much cook it any way you like be that grill, sear, BBQ or even raw!

Gym Enthusiasts are scrolling down this page with fury now I can tell!
'What is it???????"

Well it's the amazing bearing used & often misunderstood food called... The vegetable!

The apathetic are already giving up on this article but don't you be one of those! I'm no vegetarian and no vegan I do love a bloody steak now and then but I have adopted vegetables as my number one "go to" meal. I remember a time when I would tell clients "if your out at dinner or a party then drop the carbs and just eat protein that's the safest bet" but not was I WRONG! Especially regarding the word safest!

Now I've hopefully sold you all on #MeatFreeMonday & I want to see some more pics and menus on your twitter accounts I've loved the input from you all these last fee weeks- tweet me @stu_pilkington & @myfitnessUK. So you now know how reducing meat on a Monday can help repair the body and cleanse your toxic pit of a stomach from the weekends abuse but now let's show you how to get some more vegetables into the rest of your week!

Here The Facts:
#MeatFreeMonday can help reduce risk of heart disease by up to 19%!!!!
#MeatFreeMonday on average reduces my clients calorie intake by 500 calories each week meaning by Xmas without doing anything else they will have lost an extra 2lbs-just from changing 1 day! No extra exercise no expensive supplements!

Now increasing vegetarian meals through the week can help your system work more efficiently on a cellular level (every single cell does its job better) this is because your blood pH will be taken to a more alkaline environment in which illness, disease and inflammation cannot exist! This means your body isn't busy fighting disease and illness or trying to rid the acid toxins from meats, sugars and dairy and so can concentrate on burning fat as energy!

"Vegetables are Boring & Don't Fill me Up!"


Eat This:

Sweet Stuffed Peppers

Prepare Quinoa as directed on packet (100g after being cooked). Mix the Quinoa with 2 cloves of garlic (chopped), 50g sultanas, 50g capers, handful chopped parsley, handful black olives (remove stone and quarter), 1 Chilli (sliced finely). Add a drizzle of good olive oil and a little quality balsamic.
Scoop out the inners of 4 large bell peppers (red are my choice as they are high in anti-cancer fighting minerals).
Fill the peppers and drizzle a little mor oil & balsamic on top then cook for 15-20 mins.
Easy, fast and tasty!


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