Thursday, 15 November 2012

Goddess Meal Plan

The My Fitness UK Goddess Plan will have you looking stunning way before Big Ben (Or whatever it's called now) chimes NYE!

Today's plans focus is your Bum! First off ladies it's important to look at your pelvic tilt! If you have an Anterior Pelvic Tilt then you need to address this in all your routines! Of you have this pelvis tilt your belt line will dip forwards, your lower back will over arch and your belly will protrude. These are all symptoms of an Ant-Pelvic-Tilt postural distortion and these have inhibitory effects on toning your bum, abs and back of legs! So let's correct it!
Most of the population have this tilt due to our western occupations and life styles. We spend most of our time sat in sofas, at desks or in cars and this causes our hip flexors to become very tight and over active. This lengthens the opposing muscle (which is your ass) and therefore no matter how many "bum" exercises you do it won't tone properly!

Stretch hip flexors with a lower lunge pose-hold for 20 seconds.
Then concentrate! Yes concentrate on tensing or clenching your bum as this will help the brain make the connection that it can actually be use and not just sat on!

Goddess Program
25 reps each exercise complete in a circuit form but at a much slower tempo than our previous circuit! Take 2 seconds to move into the exercise, 2 seconds to hold under tension (hardest point) and 2 seconds to move out of the exercise.

Single leg Bridge
Single leg Bench Lunge
Side Lateral Squat
Side Plank Abductions
Lunge Pulse/Split Squats

* focus on your heels!!! Pushing through your heel will increase the amount you use your bum to move but pushing through your toes will make your thighs work harder and bum much less!

Complete the circuit 4x and your legs and glutes (ass) should be on fire :)

Now lets use that ass to get your heart rate up and burn some fat!
Death on the Stairs!
Find a stair case/well and run up the damn thing! Try cover 10-15 steps then walk back down.
This is one of the best calorie burning cardio exercises available and you don't need a gym! Repeat the runs as many times as you can in 2 minutes then walk round to recover for 30-60 seconds and Yep you guessed it Go AGAIN!
Try build up to completing 5x 2 minutes of stair runs & I promise your legs and ass with become rock hard by Xmas!

* stay safe! Always cool down and reduce heart rate slowly and gradually by walking around for 3-4 minutes and doing some hip flexor and thigh stretches.

Here's a new Dinner To Have as a little treat! Healthy but it feels like a treat.

Special Tom Yum

50g (per portion) seafood of your voice (yes I'll even allow prawns! But try go with an oily fish like salmon). A quick flash fry then put in a pan with 2 spring onions (sliced), 1 cloves garlic (chopped), handful of fresh coriander (chop), 200ml stock, 1/2 chilli (I go a full one but I like it HOT), 2 tomatoes (copped) & 1/4 inch ginger.
Cook over medium heat for 15 mins -keep giving it a little stir now and then.
Serve with tofu noodles (these are a nightmare to get so for for 20g soba noodles which you can chuck in for the last 5 minutes.

400calories and so SO nice you feel you've had a cheat meal!


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Stuart x

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