Friday, 16 November 2012

Six Pack on A Plate

Diary of A Personal Trainer

Losing fat while trying to retain muscle size and tone doesn't have to mean eating boring, dry, flavorless food! The trick is making the food work for you and making it interesting enough to keep your cravings at bay!
It's essential you have enough calories to complete the training programs but also very important you don't over eat!

Follow these simple tips and your well on your way to abs! Now have a read and get your kit on 'cus we are training!!!

Eat This...
Oily fish- rich in Omega 3 fatty avid which helps regulate insulin levels and helps your body access fat for fuel during and after training.

Vegetables- green veg in particular is high in alkalizing minerals that literally stop the fat cell production! Less fat cells means less opportunity for your body to store oils/fats!

Spice of Life- chilli, cayenne, ginger are all fantastic metabolic enhances!

Lentils- high in none animal protein (so alkaline!), high in fibre and help reduce appetite. You need a protein intake to maintain your muscle tone and size while stripping the fat. If you don't take care of your protein in take then your body can "eat" into its muscle and not fat!


Tuna Steak & sweet mash with veggies
Make a dressing from olive oil/Udos oil, chili, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne-spicy! Wow!
Marinade the tuna in the dressing for 20 minutes and go train...
When you finish the workout below grill the Tuna for 5-10 minutes (size dependent), and serve with 1 sweet potato (cooked and mashed-easy to do just peel, boil & mash!) and asparagus, spinach.
Drizzle a little more dressing over the entire dish and took in you've earned it!

While your Tuna marinades work up an appetite with this 20 minute home Workout.

Plan- hit every muscle group and hit them hard! This will create a heart rate spike (after burn blah blah) and help your body access the fat!

Equipment- lets keep it simple and cheap we are in a recession!
All you need is a kettle bell men 10kg plus aim for 15kg+ and women nothing less than 7.5kg your harder than men and can take pain!!!

Stair Run (run up-walk down) x 5
Roman Twist x30
Squat-to-Press x20
Roman Twist x10
Stair Run x4
V-Sit with Kettle x30
Overhead Tricep Extension x20
Lunge Pass x10
Stair Run x3
Mountain Climber x30
Kettle Swing x 20
Press up x10
Stair Run x2

Cool down & stretch

*for those hardcore do this 2-3x. Today I will be doing this before dinner at the foot of my stairs for 3 loops!
No your limits & be careful but don't take it easy! X


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